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BDC 511

Bad Date Chronicles


Merritt Patterson
Justin Kelly
Lanie Mcauley
Giles Panton

Leigh’s (Merritt Patterson) job consists of publishing her viewer’s mortifying dates on her column, The Bad Date Chronicles, until she has a bad date of her own with a rival newspaper’s editor, Connor (Justin Kelly). When Leigh shares her date with The Bad Date Chronicles readers, Connor heads over to Leigh’s office to demand an apology. Leigh refuses to apologize, so Connor decides to publish his version of their date on his website. Things take a turn for the worse when Leigh’s boss and Connor’s boss notice the increased numbers of views to their websites since the battle of the sexes have been published. Connor and Leigh agree to go on another date and write about it in their columns. Leigh and Connor must make a decision if the next story they publish will either showcase the truth or sabotage their love.