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Cayman Went


Michael Lombardi
Susan Misner
Jeffrey DeMunn

Josh Anders (Michael Lombardi), star of the television show “Diver Down,” is tasked with striking up a deal with the locals of the island Cayman Brac to sell their land to the Perkins Corporation, which plans to build an enormous resort on the location. Although his show ratings are plummeting everywhere else, Josh remains a hero to the Brackers, known as “Nature’s Hero” due to his role in their favorite show. His reputation among the islanders makes him the most ideal salesman the Perkins Corporation can get their hands on. As the owners of the network that Josh’s show airs on, the Perkins Company threatens to cancel “Diver Down” if he fails to convince the Brackers to sell their land. One proprietor in particular proves to be a tough customer. Determined to finally fix up his bed and breakfast, Rodgers (Jeffrey DeMunn), refuses to give Josh a clear answer. Rodgers’ indecisiveness forces Josh to stay on the island as long as it takes to convince him to sell his land. However, Josh’s island experience with Rodgers and the beautiful yet stubborn Darby (Susan Misner), opens his eyes to the ruin that would come to Cayman Brac if a resort were built on the island. With his career on the line, Josh struggles with his feelings of responsibility to protect the island.