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Santa Switch


Ethan Erickson
Sean Astin
Anne Dudek
Donovan Scott

As a boy, Dan’s parents tried to teach him the importance of Christmas – it is not about material things, it’s the importance of being with family. Now as an adult, Dan (Ethan Erickson) still hasn’t learned this lesson. Dan’s attempts at get-rich-quick schemes have put a financial burden on the family and damaged his relationship with wife Linda (Anne Dudek) and his children, Joe and Sally. Meanwhile, at the North Pole, Santa (Donovan Scott) is looking for someone to replace him for the Christmas season so he can take his long awaited vacation. Santa’s head elf, Eddie (Sean Astin), thinks Dan is the perfect guy. Santa gives Dan the job along with all the powers and responsibilities that come with it. Dan quickly embraces his powers, using them to buy all the things he and his family ever wanted. But soon Dan realizes his desire to be rich isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s time for Dan to start taking his job seriously or face a Christmas disaster.