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Soda Springs


Jay Pickett
Tom Skerritt
Victoria Pratt
Patty McCormack

Eden Jackson (Jay Pickett) has finally been released from jail after 7 years served for a fatal drunk driving accident. While locked away, his wife, Pam (Miranda Frigon), filed for divorce and remarried a crude and boorish man named Larry (Michael Bowen). Despite the town’s animosity toward him, Eden returns home to care for his mother (Patty McCormack) and finds a job working at a feed and supply store. The store owner, Shelly (Victoria Pratt), shows Eden compassion when others would not, fostering a connection between the two that quickly turns into love. Shortly after, Eden is given the shocking news that he is the father of Pam’s 7-year-old son, Christopher (Lan Larison). Threatened by Eden’s presence in Christopher’s life, Larry attempts to drive Eden away using the town’s hostility to his advantage. Now, Eden must fight to remain in his home town to pursue love and a relationship with the son he never knew.